Irish Landscape Institute Public Lecture Series: Spring/Summer 2012

Irish Landscape Institute Public Lecture Series 2012

Landscapes of Desire: Parks, Colonialism and Identity in Victorian and Edwardian

Wednesday January 25th 2012 at 6.30pm
Pearse St. Library, Dublin 2

Dr. Joanna Brück
, UCD School of Archaeology

Dr. Bruck will speak on the creation of public parks as a response to the social and political conditions of the Victorian and Edwardian period.  From the 1830s onwards, there was growing concern regarding the lack of green spaces, clean air and recreational opportunities for those dwelling in towns and cities.  The processes of urbanisation and industrialisation resulted in dramatic social and economic changes. In an Irish context, such concerns were particularly acute because of the complex relationships between class, religion and politics as the nationalist movement grew in popularity and strength.



Managing the marine environment: Seascapes and Hydro power

23rd February 2012 at 6.30pm
Pearse St. Library, Dublin 2

Patrick Duffy – Wave Power
Wave energy holds so much promise but has not yet emerged from the development stage.

What are wave energy devices likely to look like in the sea?
What will WEC (wave energy convertor) wave farms look like?

This is a relatively blank canvas on which Patrick will try to make some strokes.

David Bagnall – Seascape Assessment
In 2000 The Marine Institute Ireland and Countryside Council for Wales put together a research project to establish a methodology for seascape assessment. Brady Shipman Martin in conjunction with UCD undertook and managed the Irish end of the project. David Bagnall will speak about this methodology which has formed the basis for many subsequent policies and further research papers.


Landscape, Archaeology & Visual Assessment

22nd March 2012 at 6.30pm
Pearse St. Library,
Dublin 2

Margaret Keane, Dept. of Environment, Community & Local Govt.
Bill Hastings,

Landscape, Heritage & Tourism

26th April 2012
Pearse St. Library,
Dublin 2

Paddy Mathews, Fáilte Ireland

Together with our people and culture, our landscape is our most importance tourism asset. In fact, the three are inseparable. This presentation will address the importance of the Irish landscape for tourism, what our overseas tourists think of our landscape – warts and all – and how some of our best views are actually our best kept secrets!

Badlands, revisit, reuse, recreate

Thursday 24th  of May at 6.30pm
Pearse Street

Mitchell & Associates
The Paul Hogarth Company
Denis Byrne Architects
Shaffrey & Associates

Lecture on recycled / reused / reinvented lands highlighting the works of architects and landscape architects alike and the importance of recycling disused and underused sites.



The talks are free and all are welcome.

Please rsvp to Gráinne at   to reserve your seat.