Lecture: Representation and Drawing for Landscape Architects

Landscape Architectural Graphics:

Reflections on landscape representation – The decline of drawing and resurgence of the arcadian perspective.
Professor Sabrina Wilk

Wednesday March 16th at 6.30pm
Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

(Please note change of venue)

The lecture is free and all are welcome. Please RSVP to ili@irishlandscapeinstitute.com


The one-hour lecture examines current digital visualizations as they are now produced in landscape offices worldwide. The talk reviews the reasons leading to today’s graphic uniformity and the resurgence of the atmospheric landscape view. The different periods of graphic styles are reviewed, beginning with arcadian views and leading up to contemporary imagery.

After a period of great diversity in visual culture, landscape architects have left the subjective graphics fostered by the post-modernist era, and are leaning heavily on the legacy of the 19th century landscape architect. The pros and cons of this development will be reviewed, asking how landscape architects and their visualizations might once again produce a unique and distinct visual culture of landscape graphics that will anchor the profession’s work in the minds of a global audience.



Professor Sabrina Wilk is a Landscape Architect and Lecturer on planning and design projects, and author of Drawing for Landscape Architects: Construction and Design Manual

Sabrina became Professor for architectural graphics, drawing and visualization at the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan in 1999 and has lectured in landscape architecture programs at the University of Greenwich and University College Dublin at undergraduate and graduate levels.

As part of her work as a landscape architect, Sabrina has become specialized in design, illustration and visualization, working on projects and international competitions for landscape firms in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. She also provides specialty workshops in landscape architectural graphics and drawing for professional offices.

“From the very beginning of my studies in landscape architecture and throughout my career, I have been interested in exploring the ways in which artistic impulses play into the graphic communication in the architectural professions. The history of the perspective and its role in transmitting landscape architecture is a subject which continues to fascinate me and informs the work I do.”