Planning for an i-Tree Eco Project
Date: 29th September 2016
Venue: National Botanic Gardens – Teagasc School of Amenity Horticulture, Glasnevin, Dublin.
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Brief Description: This workshop is designed for decision makers who will commission and use i-Tree Eco studies: E.g.: Local authority parks superintendents, planners and landscape officers, arboricultural managers, consultants and land estate managers, together with related consultants involved in planning, landscape architecture, and urban design.
Presenter/Trainer Information:
  • Anne Jaluzot – Urban Planner & Green Infrastructure Consultant; lead author of TDAG (Trees & Design Action Group) recent guide Trees in Hard Landscapes
  • Keith Sacre – Barcham Trees Plc & TDAG
  • Kenton Rogers – Treeconomics Ltd.
If you are a local authority, or have any further queries, please contact Arboricultural Association Irish Branch officers: Felim Sheridan (087 262 9589 / arborist@ericom.net) or Roy Goodwin (087 222 5811 / roy@goodwin-arborist.com)