Fundação de Serralves seeks Park Director

The Fundação de Serralves currently wishes to hire a Park Director whose main responsibilities will  be:

  • Strengthen the bond between the Contemporary Art Museum – Serralves Landscape, identifying places and venues of Serralves Landscape as a means to expand and continue the physical connection with the Museum. Define the degree and quality of actions and deepen the relationship between Serralves Landscape and the Museum’s programs;
  • Preserve and increase the value of the landscape heritage, classified as a National Monument. Consolidate the Foundation as one of the main cultural attractions in Portugal, expanding its presence nationwide and broadening knowledge about the Park in the international circuit of historic parks;
  • Promote awareness and educate diverse segments of the general public about environmental and landscape issues and other issues relevant to society and its future;
  • Strengthen the national and international image and reputation of the Foundation as a reference in terms of arquictecture and landscaping;
  • Offer a diverse and outstanding program, specifically through innovative and interdisciplinary projects in the Park;
  • Program management and maintenance activities in the garden and agricultural areas and conduct studies and recovery and intervention projects in the Park;
  • Contribute to achieving the Foundation’s economic and financial sustainability by promoting operational excellence and drive means to generate adequate financial resources.
The ideal candidate will have:
  • Experience in implementing initiative in Parks and Gardens to increase the number of visitors as well as contributing to Parque de Serralves’ reputation and expanding its national/international presence;
  • Experience organizing events about the environment and landscaping for the scientific community, schools, and the general public;
  • Knowledge of historical parks/gardens and their management;
  • Leadership and team motivation skills;
  • Excellent communications skills;
  • Autonomous and good organizational and planning skills;
  • Very results-oriented;
  • Excellent academic background and solid experience in a similar position, including leading interdisciplinary teams and managing a project budget;
  • Fluent English. In case that the final candidate is not a native Portuguese speaker, he/she should provide a basic knowledge of Portuguese).
Interested candidates can submit résumés until 30th November 2016 to