National Landscape Forum 2017: LOCAL COMMUNITIES & LANDSCAPE

National Landscape Forum 2017

Abbeyleix, Co. Laois Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd June 2017


‘Place, Space, People & Planet’

This year’s landscape forum marks a significant development in the evolution of the forum with it being hosted by the dynamic, progressive Civic Community of Abbeyleix (2017 Entente Florale entrant). The theme chosen is intended to facilitate an in-depth exploration of the close interactive relationship between communities and their landscape as we work together to meet the challenges of managing our landscape responsibly, creatively and sustainably to deliver a high quality of life for present and future generations. Abbeyleix and its hinterland will provide a tangible living stage-set for the exercise. The forum aims to find effective ways of converting the aspirations of our national and international strategies and conventions into action where it matters: in the local living place and space where natural processes and human activities interact to shape our shared landscape and planet. The forum is being convened in the context of the aims and objectives of:

Our National Landscape StrategyEuropean Landscape Convention, Florence 2000 • National Planning Framework 2040 • UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development • Council of Europe Strategy 21 for Cultural Heritage • Convention on Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, Faro, 2005.

Outline Forum Programme: Thursday 22ndOpen evening forum following overview presentation to maximise community participation; Friday 23rdFull day programme featuring presentations, field visits, workshops and open forum all based on the themes of the natural, the settlement, the cultural and the farmed landscape. The forum platform is open to all points of view focusing on identifying issues, priorities & solutions. Landscape embraces the whole of society, the forum is a democratic mechanism to reconcile diverse personal perceptions. Participation is free but advance booking is strongly recommended to ensure a place & facilitate planning workshops and field visits.

Sectors invited to participate in the forum include: ● Active Citizens ●  voluntary organisations ● Planners ● Heritage folk ● Landscape folk ● Geographers ● Landscape Architects ● Architects ● Geologists ● Horticulturalists ● Arborists ● Artists ● Landowners ● Farmers ● Foresters ● Utility providers energy/telecoms/water/waste ● Industrialists ● Mari-culturalists ● Multi-culturalists ● Fishing Folk ● Archaeologists ● Poets ● Educationalists (all levels) ● Environmentalists ● Historians ● Politicians ● Engineers ● Walkers ● Hill climbers ● Ecologists ● Naturalists ● Climate Change folk ● Cartographers ● Agronomists ● Peatland folk ● Tourism folk ● Urbanists ● & all others


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