First Announcement: Spring Public Lecture – Lily Jencks – 27 March 2018

“Where do we Come From – Who Are We – What Should We Do?”

Lily Jencks – land artist 

The Irish Landscape Institute is delighted to announce a free public lecture by the renowned landartist – Lily Jencks – who will speak on the topic, Where do we Come From – Who Are We – What Should We Do?’.

Ms. Jencks will discuss recent international land art and architectural projects.

This is a topic of wide interest, but particular to those concerned with the making of place and quality of our lives as we strive for more socially-relevant and ecologically-resilient environments. Operating at the interface of public arts, land and landscape, Ms. Jencks lecture will be of interest to a wide audience: artists, citizens, designers, architects, planners, geographers, sociologists and of course, landscape architects. All are welcome to what should be an insightful and inspiring evening.


Lecture Details

Date: Tuesday, 27 Mach 2018 at 6.30p.m.

Venue: 90 minutes (approx.)

Venue: RSAI, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland,

63 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2.


Short Bio of Lily Jencks

Lily Jencks is the founder of LilyJencksStudio , and co-founder of the land art company, Jencks Squared with Charles Jencks.  The company’ passion is to make content-driven forms that create strong identities for meaningful public interaction through architecture, landscape and landart projects in the UK and abroad. Lily’s work spans the scales from intimate interiors to large public parks.

Lily is on the board of Maggies Centres UK and Maggies Centres Hong Kong. Lily herself worked on the gardens of the  Maggies centres in Glasgow, and Hong Kong.

Lily studied at Columbia University and holds a Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches a Diploma unit at the Architectural Association in London. Lily is the recipient of a Grace Humanitarian Award from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, an honour award from the American Institute of Landscape Architects, a Silver Medal Arthur Spruy Brooke Memorial Prize for Architecture Design.

Recent awards for her architectural work include the Glasgow Institute of Architects “Supreme Award”, and the RICS “Design through innovation Award”.

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