World Parks Week -25th April -3rd May 2020

2020 Parks Week

World Urban Parks


With COVID-19 affecting each country, region and city differently, access to parks, trails and open space can be open, limited or even closed. People, now more than ever, are yearning for those spaces and the physical and mental wellbeing that comes with it. For World Parks Week 2020 we are challenging everyone out there to explore how and in what ways they are experiencing nature in their own circumstances. For instance, are you currently in self-isolation or unable to go to your local park or walk around the block? How then are you experiencing nature? You can bird watch from your window or balcony. You can enjoy time in your backyard. You may even start a herb or vegetable garden in your home! If you are fortunate enough to be able to go outside, in what ways are you now safely exploring nature? Is it a walk around your block? A run down your neighbourhood trail?

Join us in helping everyone to think in a new lens about parks, trails and open space in their current circumstances.

1) What does nature look like to you?
2) How are you connecting with nature?
3) What have you discovered recently about nature?
4) How could you bring nature into your community?

World Parks Week 2020 is an opportunity for us to share how and in what ways we are exploring nature! Remember, #NatureNeverCloses!