11. The choice of materials unifies the streetscape
06. Opportunity to enjoy the new public space 01. Feature lighting provides an accent feature within the Square 02. Planters complement the silver grey and buff granite


AECOM Ireland

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council commissioned AECOM to implement a public realm improvement scheme for Antrim Town Centre. The market square sits beneath the ancient town walls and Barbican Gate with the Courthouse at its centre. The Council wished to revitalise the economy of the retail heart of the town as well as maximise the
linkages to the restored Castle Gardens which attract significant numbers of visitors.

The market square has been paved in Caithness stone to act as a ‘plinth’ for the Court House. The remainder of the streets and border to the Square is a mix of silver grey and
buff granite providing a bright uplift. The old granite kerbs were reused where possible which retains part of the traditional character. Parking, deliveries and pedestrian
access were rationalised to provide good access for all. The most significant change to the traffic in the area was the introduction of a bus route through the Square. The traffic
management and retention of the Square as a largely pedestrian space, capable of being used for events whilst bus services were still running, was a key driver for the final
design solution with pedestrian safety being of paramount importance. The war memorial was provided a better setting with level access from the square.