01. Aerial View from St. Columbs Park
09. Residential view and home zone



Ebrington is a former military site transferred to the Northern Ireland Executive by the UK government as a key element of the 2002 Reinvestment and Reform Initiative, enabling the site to be used for economic and social development purposes.

The site is located on the east bank of the River Foyle, in a visually prominent location immediately opposite the historic walled city. The site itself is complex, with major changes in level across it, a brown field site intertwined with Scheduled Ancient Monuments, Listed Buildings, remnants of contaminated land with a number of sensitive environmental and equality issues requiring impact assessment and appropriate mitigation.

The purpose of the framework is to chart an approach towards the development of Ebrington, which is of a scale and nature to deliver significant and sustainable benefits for the city and the region. In an era when cities are driving development globally, Ebrington presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the core of Derry~Londonderry, serve as an attractor for investment and for people and to grow the economy.

The framework establishes the site capacity, mix and acceptability of landuses, including building height and massing, infrastructure needs, sustainability strategy, accessibility including pedestrian movement, connectivity and use of shared space (in the context of a divided community), estate management and aftercare. It provides a development strategy for the suite and defines best practice urban design principles to guide future development proposals that will regenerate the site.