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Parks and Green Areas Sustainable Management Action Plan


The Park Atlantic study set out to encourage cooperation and learning / capacity building among the staff responsible for parks and green areas in the city authorities of the five partner cities; and Improve the management policies and practices of the city authorities, and so ultimately improve the quality and value of their parks and green areas and the quality of life of citizens.

The project team analysed the parks and green (and blue) area resources and the management structures of each of the five cites, and conducted site visits and interviews with local authority staff to identify best practice in management as well as any weaknesses in the cities’ policy and practice. This work was supplemented by research into international practice.

A theoretical toolkit of best practice in local authority parks and green areas management was prepared, addressing policy areas such as green infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage (green streets, green roofs, etc.), urban landscape character and legibility, promotion of good landscape and urban design, the urban forest, urban agriculture, community participation, economic valuation of parks and green areas, resources and funding for development and management, etc. In the toolkit each policy area is briefly introduced and references to good practice and further reading are provided.

The five cities were then evaluated against the toolkit of best practice and any requirements or opportunities for improvements in parks and green areas policy and practice were identified in the form of an action plan. The action plan for each city is divided into strategic, medium and short term actions, with the responsible parties identified along with monitoring indicators against which to measure the actions’ success over time.