09. The same canal edge after completion
02. Decked area cantilevers over the listed canal wall 01. Bands of grey-green granite provide rhythm



The ‘Newry City Linkages Public Realm Scheme’ was a £2.4 million EI project in Newry City Centre. The principal design drivers for the scheme were:

• Returning the canal to the Streetscape and providing linkage to the town centre retail core
• Removal of the parked cars along the water side to improve pedestrian access
• Removal of unsightly wall along the length of the scheme to open up views.
• Create an attractive, accessible walkway/cycle way which would act as a catalyst to regenerate the surrounding area and promote further leisure activities.

The key issue to be addressed was the canal structure itself is a Scheduled Monument with rigorous conditions placed on the design to ensure that its integrity was not compromised. The scheme sits within the Conservation Area so agreement to style and materials were strictly controlled. The features of the scheme include:

• A new slightly elevated granite paved walkway adds a degree of security from cars and prevents illegal parking alongside it.
• A decked area marks the narrowest point of the walkway and allows some overhang of the canal to maintain the boulevard feel.
• A new maritime style anti climb railing with gates allows formal access to the water for sports clubs and maintenance operatives.
• Modern white lighting creates a feature along the walkway edge and provides separate walkway illumination.
• New semi-mature cherry trees replace the original ones which were at the end of their life.
• Bespoke street furniture incorporating the Quay name to subtly mark their location.
• Additional uses of the canal have been created for anglers and provision for water polo pitches at the Buttercrane.