Station Square, Portrush.
16. Pirates Parade Station Square unnamed (1)



In 2007, Coleraine Borough Council adopted the Portrush Regeneration Strategy to bring about the town’s sustainable regeneration. This Strategy highlighted the regeneration of Portrush’s West Bay Promenade and Station Square a high priority as key strategic nodes on the Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s ‘Causeway Costal Route’.

Origins: Portrush flourished with the arrival of the railway in 1864, bringing easy access from populated areas. The town soon became synonymous for generations of families as a holiday destination. Tourism accelerated rapidly through the early 20th Century with Station Square acting as the primary gateway and arrival point to the town and promenade.

Concept: Design influences within Station Square were maritime based with inspiration taken from drifting sand dunes, evident in the forms created for the bench, canopy and screens. The design considered the wider context to ensure integration with the promenade public realm. The promenade is over 1km in length and on average only 5m wide, providing important connections with the beach, sea, harbour, Town Centre, car parks and Station. High quality materials were incorporated along its route to provide accents at key locations.

Interaction: As Landscape Architects a key objective was to challenge perceptions of what these new spaces should be. High quality spaces within Station Square and the Promenade were designed for users to interact, relax, or move through, but most of all as memorable experiences with fun along the way. Station Square now hosts a range of musical events and performance activities, while the promenade provides a rejuvenated connection between key nodes along Portrush’s busy waterfront.

Legacy: This project has become a catalyst for the area, revitalizing a once derelict site, rejuvenating an existing promenade, enhancing tourism and encouraging new investment. The improvements ensure a positive first impression of Portrush as a modern, inviting, vibrant and dynamic resort.