Becoming a Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture requires both creative and technical skills.  A landscape architect works on a wide range of projects involving the planning, design and management of the external environment. Landscape architects

Research and advise
on planning, design and stewardship of outdoor spaces within and beyond the built environment

implement and monitor
methods for the conservation of national parks and recreation areas

Undertake planning, design, restoration, and maintenance
of cultural and/or historic landscapes

Contribute to the aesthetic and functional design
of infrastructure such as roads, energy and major development projects

Contribute to the aesthetic layouts
of streetscapes, plazas, sports grounds, zoos, botanic gardens, recreation areas and farms, burial grounds

inspect sites and analyse factors
such as climate, soil, flora, fauna, surface and subsurface water and drainage


Becoming a landscape architect and a full member of the Irish Landscape Institute requires:

  • a professional qualification from an accredited course
  • successful completion of  the ILI Professional Practice Examination
  • completion of the Vive Voce application form and attendance at an interview