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With most of the world’s people living in cities for the first time in history, how we plan our landscapes and design our built environments is more significant than ever. AECOM’s understanding of how people’s lives shape and are shaped by their environments has provided unique insights into the design and planning of places at all scales. We are not simply focused on buildings and sites but on systems: the physical framework of landscapes, townscapes, cityscapes, streets, squares, parks and gardens that contribute to sense of place. Effective design requires careful integration of the myriad features of a particular site, from issues of aesthetics and to those of ecology, circulation, infrastructure, visual impacts, and economic viability. AECOM’s interdisciplinary approach brings together the best creative and strategic thinkers to facilitate the reciprocal relationships between specific sites / developments and surrounding context. Regardless of the need at hand, our multidisciplinary teams have the expertise to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs while achieving physical, economic, ecological, and social sustainability. Our environmental services are provided by a diverse team of landscape architects, environmental planners, engineers, scientists, and designers, who offer innovative, balanced, and objective solutions to the complex environmental and social issues of today and tomorrow. We understand the unique environmental opportunities and challenges presented by each project, and tailor our deliverables to meet the needs of individual clients.