Landscape and Imagination – On the Education of Landscape Architects

Some Thoughts on the Education and Training of Landscape Architects
Tony Williams MILI, President ILI

International Federation of Landscape Architects (European Region)
Avenue d’Auderghem 63 (4th Floor), B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

Abstract: As the education/training of landscape architects consists of both academic learning and professional practice, this paper focuses on the overall education and professional development of landscape architects. The paper focuses on the history and on-going development of landscape architecture education and training in Europe and internationally, and explores the diversity of curricula and the varied delivery of courses. An exploration of the various academic routes and professional development forms an important aspect of this paper. This paper also outlines the author’s views on the design process and the fostering of creativity and imagination as part of the education of landscape architects. Such ‘soft’ skills are considered key aspects of the skills required of landscape architects. The use of creativity and imagination are skills which must be used in tandem with the more tangible skills of science, engineering and the arts, as a discipline, may ensure an aesthetic focus in the design and construction of public and private spaces.