Statement From ILI President

(Mr. Kevin Halpenny President)

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Council of the Irish Landscape Institute, I am pleased to update you in relation to your Institute’s current work and future initiatives.
This is undoubtedly an exciting if sometimes challenging time to work in our industry. The ever accelerating rate of urbanisation affords unprecedented opportunity for the exercise of our skills and expertise. At the same time, the evidence base for, and recognition of the linkage between well planned and designed Public Realm / Green Infrastructure and Public Health & Wellbeing is increasing. Concepts such as Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital, Nature Based Solutions and Climate Change Adaptation are gaining traction both politically and with the general population. Our profession is well placed to deliver innovative solutions essential to ensuring the long-term resilience of our landscapes.

The ILI is an Institute run by and for its members on a voluntary basis. Our events and activities are as good or otherwise as the level of input, commitment and effort made by our members and the ILI Council on your behalf. The 2018 ILI Awards held in May showcased the broad range and very high quality of the work our members are producing. It was indeed heartening to receive almost 60 submissions across a range of categories and to close to 100 attendees present at the awards event. The success of the awards underlines the need for us to promote our services and capabilities and to advertise our achievements as widely as possible.

As with all organisations, the ILI must adapt to the needs of its members. Efficient communication and robust administration are vital to our success. To this end we are in the process of revamping our Membership Database and you may be contacted to ensure that we have the correct details for you or your organisation.

Our Website is also in the process of being upgraded to make it more relevant to your needs and to have more up to date information available on jobs, upcoming events and points of interest to members.

Continuing Professional Development CPD is a key membership benefit provided by representative bodies such as ours. It is planned to develop a more structured CPD programme with certified attendance for member’s participation. To kick this process off, our first event will take place on the 12th of December combined with our Christmas Get Together see link as follows:

The Professional Practice Exams are now open for applications and the exams will bell be held in Spring of 2019 to provide much needed access to Corporate membership. Other membership initiatives will include increased numbers of members inducted through the PPILI Chamber and the Viva Voce process. Members whose membership has lapsed in recent years will have an opportunity to re-join the Institute if they still fulfil the relevant membership criteria.

The Council of the ILI is currently preparing a programme of events and activities for 2019 and we will provide further details of this in the near future.

To kick this process off, our first event will take place on the 12th of December combined with our Christmas Get Together please find further information here

Together with the Council, I look forward to working with you and on your behalf to advance the aims and objectives of our Institute.

Best Wishes,

Signed: Kevin Halpenny
President, Irish Landscape Institute