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Get in touch with the ILI at [email protected] if you with to know more about the PPILI membership.

The Parks Professional Chamber is a chamber established by the Irish Landscape Institute (ILI) to cater for professionals who are not exclusively Landscape Architects affiliated through the International Federation of Landscape Architects(IFLA) Two separate chambers are being established within the ILI. One for Landscape Architects and one for Parks Professionals.


The PPILI (Parks Professional) Chamber is now open to applications. Download PPILI Application form:

PPILI Membership Form 2020

Return the form by email to: [email protected] accompanied by the membership fee remittance and two letters of reference.

Pay fee online - contact [email protected] for details


Why is this Professional Practice Chamber being set up?
On the 21st May 2015 the following motion proposed by Mr. Tony Williams (former ILI President) and Dr. Christy Boylan was carried at the Irish Landscape Institute AGM.

Motion ‘The establishment of a chamber with the Irish Landscape Institute to cater for professionals who are not exclusively Landscape Architects affiliated through the International Federation of Landscape Architects.’

How do I apply to become a Parks Professional Member of The Irish Landscape Institute (PPILI) and what is involved in the interview process?
The membership levels of the Parks Professional Chamber (PPC) within the Irish Landscape Institute (ILI) will match those already existing for the IFLA accredited members. These are Graduate, Professional, Fellow and Honorary.

Following acceptance by the ILI of an application for entry level (Graduate) to the PPC, each applicant will be eligible to seek certification for a Certified Parks Profession (CPP) with letters designate ‘PPILI’

Certified Parks Professional (CPP)

The Minimum requirement is a university degree (level 8) in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Science or a similar discipline of a natural science. Two Years of Park work experience as assessed as providing competency in at least three of the CPP competencies in the table below. There are 11 competencies from which to choose and applicants will be asked to indicate the ones in which they regard themselves most proficient.

Competency Framework Details

These competencies will always be foundational and are universal in park management. The best practices and processes that implement the principles may differ, but be tangentially the same, based upon the location, political context, and processes associated with that country or area. Park Management Competencies represent the following knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs):

  1. Asset Management:
    KSAs needed to manage facilities, maintained landscapes, utilities, fleet, and other physical resources for the Total Cost of Operation over the lifecycle of agency or organization’s assets
  2. Landscape and Amenity Horticulture:
    KSAs required to understand the science and technology of man-made greenspace
  3. Operations and Maintenance:
    KSAs required to ensure that operations and maintenance of all facilities, maintained landscapes, utilities, fleet, and other physical resources are safe, operable, ready for use, and available to the public when required.
  4. Project Management:
    KSAs focusing on coordination of physical resources construction, long-range planning (including capital improvement planning), and other activities that have specific starting and ending dates, budgets, goals and objectives, and project teams.
  5. Resource Management:
    KSAs that ensure that agency/organization’s natural and cultural resources are stewarded, managed, and protected to meet their specified purpose(s) in a sustainable method that benefits the public.
  6. Business Acumen:
    KSAs that frame the management of fiscal resources for increased effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and innovation within the operations of the agency/organization.
  7. Supervision:
    KSAs needed to manage and monitor subordinate performance, recruit employees effectively, and provide for subordinate development and training with the overall goal of improving agency/organization delivery of services.
  8. Interpretation and Education:
    KSAs focusing on the delivery and management of interpretation and education to the agency/organization stakeholders through various programs including, but not limited to, signage, displays, media, personal interpretive services, and other programs.
  9. Public Health:
    KSAs required for implementing public health impact analysis, programs, and associated communications solely within the agency/organization, or as part of a collaborative effort with partners, in order to reinforce healthy people/healthy parks linkage. 
  10. Leadership:
    KSAs framing the mastery of individual leadership approaches, leading groups and teams, and systems leadership that are required for overall mission fulfilment of an agency/organization.
  11. Recreation:
    KSAs focusing on managing recreation facilities, programs, and events that focus on programming and promotion.

The assessment format is in accordance with the internationally approved standards set by the World Parks Academy (WUP). Candidates who are successful at interview will become a Parks Professional Irish Landscape Institute member (PPILI) the equivalent of a Certified Parks Professional qualification (CPP).

The assessment procedure will entail an interview to determine the level of competency the candidate presents. The interview board will comprise of three people, two of whom will represent the Parks Professional Chamber. The chair of the board is also an Executive Council Member of the Irish Landscape Institute.

Successful candidates will be bound by the Memorandum of Association and codes of Practice of the Irish Landscape Institute as they relate to the World Urban Parks Chamber.

Certified International Parks Professional (CIPP)

The senior level certification is the Certified International Parks Professional (CIPP) and once applicants have satisfied their national institute accreditation regime, they are eligible to apply for the CIPP. Applications have to be submitted directly to the World Parks Academy.


  1. Currently holds:
    Recognized professional certification from a national, state   or   international organization that is articulated with World Parks Academy,


  1. CPP designation directly from World Parks Academy –AND–
  2. Two or more years as an World Urban Parks “Professional Membership” designation AND
  3. Four years of park management experience, with two at the senior professional level –AND–
  4. Assessed as meeting all four CIPP Competencies

World Urban Parks

World Urban Parks is the international representative body for the urban parks, open space and recreation sector. It is a recently formed global organization, which embraces professionals working within national professional institutes, public authorities, universities and private practice as Park Managers, Landscape Architects, Scientists, Academics and consultants. These professionals work in the planning, design, construction and management of parks, open spaces and civic amenity schemes, including trees and woodlands or in supporting the work of same. They comprise mainly Horticulturists, Natural Scientists, Landscape Architects, Arborists, Biologists and Environmental Scientists

World Urban Parks Academy

The World Parks Academy aims to provide a high-quality and comprehensive competency-based certification program to park and recreation professionals across the globe. This goal is achieved through the implementation of two certification programs:

  • Certified Park Professional
    Certified International Park Professional

Each certification program has its own set of requirements and eligibility criteria. In order to meet these conditions, the World Parks Academy offers professional development and training in a variety of ways, including e-courses, webinars, and in-person workshops. Additionally, the World Parks Academy serves as a re-certification centre for professional development needs.

There is a need for an international competency-based certification program that unites various disciplines of the parks and recreation industry. Many nations have strong domestic certification programs, and the World Parks Academy seeks to unite the local level with the international scene. Additionally, in numerous countries, park professionals don’t have the opportunity for competency development. The Work Parks Academy has a tailored program for countries without a current national certifying body as well!

The precursor to World Urban Parks (WUP) was Ifpra, the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration. Following a strategic review undertaken over the past few years Ifpra evolved into a much larger and more representative global organization that is supported by the major national institutes such as NRPA (USA).

In 2008 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was agreed with IFLA and Ifpra that they would cooperate on matters such as education and training. This MOU is currently being updated with IFLA and WUP.

  • If I am an existing member of the Irish Landscape Institute and wish to become a member of the Parks Professional Chamber how do I go about joining?

Members of the Irish Landscape Institute accredited by the Irish Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) are recognised by the World Parks Academy as equivalent to a Certified Parks Professional (CPP) and therefore can be awarded the PPILI. However the applicant must fill out the relevant application form in full and pay the category fee. They do not have to sit for interview.

If the ILI member wishes to be a corporate member of the ILI and a member of PPILI then both membership fees will apply. A discount of 10% on the application fee to become a PPILI will apply.

  • Will Parks Professional Chamber members be entitled to vote in all Irish Landscape Institute (ILI) matters?

The Parks Professional Chamber (PPC) is a chamber established by the Irish Landscape Institute to cater for professionals who are not exclusively Landscape Architects.

Parks Professional Irish Landscape Institute (PPILI) members are accredited by World Urban Parks Academy (WUP). Members of the Irish Landscape Institute are accredited by the Irish Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA).

The PPILI members are members of the ILI and can vote on all ILI matters. However members of one chamber cannot vote on issues regarding the other chamber.

  • Why have two separate chambers been set up within the ILI?

Separate chambers have been established to broaden the representation of the ILI and at the same time maintain the integrity of each chamber as it relates to the international governing bodies. Members of the Irish Landscape Institute are accredited by the Irish Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). Parks Professionals are accredited by World Urban Parks through the ILI. Only ILI members are permitted to deal with the setting and marking of the ILI Professional Practice exams, dealing with ILI membership applications and other IFLA related issues.

  • How does this new chamber affect the Irish Landscape Institute title of MILI?

There is no change to the letters designated to Corporate Irish Landscape Institute members; Member Irish Landscape Institute (MILI) The letters designated to the new Parks Professional Chamber member are Parks Professional Irish Landscape Institute (PPILI)

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