The European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, has launched a call for applications for the selection of members of the Commission expert groups: Mission Board for Adaption to Climate Change Mission; Mission Board for Cancer Mission; Mission Board for Restore our Ocean and Waters Mission; Mission Board for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission; Mission Board for Soil Deal for Europe Mission.

The EU Missions were launched in September 2021. They are high-profile initiatives, rooted in research and innovation, which are tasked to deliver a transformative impact for society, the economy, and the environment by addressing the challenges,which are faced by European citizens. Missions provide a clear target to measure success and a systemic approach which combines,for example, new knowledge and technology with innovations in business, finance, regulation, forms of governance, skills and social aspects.Missions operate as portfolios of actions and contribute extensively to EU policy goals,such as the European Green Deal, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this approach, EU Missions engage Member States and incentivise them to align their efforts in areas that are of high concern to citizens.

The five EU Missions are:

1. Adaptation to Climate Change Mission

Target by 2030: support at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030.

2. Cancer Mission

Targets by 2030: working with Europe's Beating Cancer Plan to improve more than 3 million lives, through prevention, cure and for those affected by cancer including their families, to live longer and better;achieve a thorough understanding of cancer, prevent what is preventable, optimise diagnosis and treatment, support the quality of life of all people exposed to cancer, and ensure equitable access to the above across Europe.

3. Restore our Ocean and Waters Mission

Targets by 2030: deliver on the European Union’s 2030 quantified and measurable targets for protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, for zero pollution, and for decarbonisation and reduction of net greenhouse gas emissions towards climate-neutrality, within the EU’s ocean, seas and waters. The Mission will launch lighthouses for cooperation at river and sea basin scale.

4. Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission

Targets by 2030: to deliver at least 100 European climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 and to ensure that these cities also act as experimentation and innovation hubs for others to follow, to enable all European cities to become climate-neutral by 2050.

5. Soil Deal for Europe Mission

Target by 2030:100 living labs and lighthouses have become hubs for the co-creation, testing and deployment of solutions across European regions and thereby support meeting ambitious Green Deal targets, e.g. for agriculture and forestry, food systems, rural areas, biodiversity, climate resilience and zero pollution.

Each of the five Mission Boards shall be composed of up to15 independent high-level individuals with proven knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise,in implementing large scale activities,serving public authorities and citizens,and in combining different public and/or private funding. The Mission Board members shall be individuals appointed in a personal capacity who shall act independently and in the public interest.

The deadline to apply is 2 February 2022.

This is a great opportunity for landscape architects to apply and be selected to important EU expert bodies and we would like to encourage you to apply and to disseminate this information among your colleagues. For more details please see the Commission document below.

Call for Applicants for the Selection of Members of the Commission Expert Groups
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