The ILI Professional Practice Exam is a requirement for those who wish to become a Corporate Member.



Guided Study Sessions 1 - 4 | online at lunchtimes in September

ILI Professional Practice Exam - Application Form 2024

ILI Professional Practice Exam - Work Experience Record Sheet & Project Summary Sheet

ILI Professional Practice Exam - EXAMPLE of Completed Work Experience Record Sheet & Project Summary Sheet

Video to introduce the ILI Professional Practice Exam process to candidates in 2021.


Candidates must have at least 2 years work experience in order to qualify to take the Irish Landscape Institute Professional Practice Examination.  The appropriateness of the experience will be judged by the education committee based on the Work Experience Record Book which must be submitted by the candidate.  

The applicant must hold current Graduate Membership of the ILI and submit the ILI PP Exam fee of €75.

Details of the application procedure with guidance notes, notification of fees, payment details and request options for study groups to help you prepare, are included in the application form.  Candidates should download and fill in the form, then return it to us by email.

Late applications will be accepted until Friday 8th September at an additional cost of €25 (i.e. €100 in total).

Work Experience records

Candidates are required to submit work experience records together with their application form by 31st August 2023.
Work experience records must be submitted in hard copy and digital copy.  Work experience record forms and sample templates will be made available.

Reading List 

ILI Articles of Association

ILI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Environmental Impact Assessment

Fingal County Council Planning Applications

Contract Examples for Public Works

Forms of Tender and Schedules (Works)

Further Recommended Reading List

ILI Professional Practice Examination Past Papers

For Students Requiring Assistance

Reasonable accommodations can be made available to students with dyslexia when sitting examinations. The accommodations are intended to limit the impact of the candidate’s disability on their exam performance, while not giving the candidate any unfair advantage.

The options students with dyslexia can apply for if they meet the criteria are:

Waiver from the assessment of spelling, grammar and punctuation in the language subjects
Use of a Recording Device or Word Processor/Laptop (occasionally voice dictation)
Assistive Technology

The most commonly used assistive technology option for students with dyslexia is a computer/laptop. Reading Pens are also an option.

It must be already being used by the student (therefore the student could use their own equipment and there would be no additional cost to its approval for use in an exam.)

The ILI are satisfied that this will not jeopardise the integrity of the exam.

It requires no development work from the ILI in relation to its exam papers.

For example, a small number of students have used voice dictation software for their exams.

If you are a full member of another Landscape Architecture organisation you might be it might be eligible to become a Corporate Member via the VIVA VOCE method. 

Explanation of the Viva Voce route for the Migration of Professionally Qualified Landscape Architects

ILI Professional Practice Exam Application Form

Select your organisation if there is a match.


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