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For World Parks Week 2022 we want the parks and recreation sector to emerge stronger than ever out of COVID-19! To that end, we want to encourage 10/20/30, a concept involving…

  • 10 - Everyone having a park within a 10-minute safe and accessible walk.
  • 20 - Everyone accessing all their basic needs within a 20-minute walk. 
  • 30 - Incorporating these principles into existing cities and the way of planning and creating new communities globally by 2030. 

Join the activities!

April 23

Earth Day in the Park - Fern Planting with Friends of Griffith Park 
We will share this activity live on FB starting at 8:30am PST.
April 24
Explore some of LA City Parks' amazing Hiking Trails (Griffith Park, Santa Susana Pass State Park-Waterfall Trail, Temescal Canyon Trail, O'Melveny Bee Canyon Trail). https://www.facebook.com/LACityParks/

 April 26th, 7:00pm (Mexico City time) Webinar in Spanish*
Planting parks. https://bit.ly/3OsXGin
April 27th, 8:00am (Mexico City time) Webinar in English*
A prescription worth filling…naturally! Register here https://buff.ly/3Eto86Y
April 28th, 4:00pm (Mexico City time) Webinar in Spanish*
Building the community of tomorrow with children.
Register here https://bit.ly/3MjTfoo
April 29th, 4:00pm (Mexico City time) Webinar in Spanish*
Tourism and urban parks: Challenges, and opportunities.
Register here https://bit.ly/3uX7V6S

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World Urban Parks will provide partners with resources to help promote World Parks Week (COVID Expert Park Panel). These resources will include a social media package that can be used for promotion leading up to and during World Parks Week. Partners will advocate and promote World Parks Week to their members and audiences. 

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