Complete the ILI Viva Voce Form (see pdf below) which is for experienced practioners and submit by email to [email protected]

A short interview with applicants will take place via video conference call to formally introduce ILI and to gain knowledge of the candidate.

ILI Viva Voce Form


The application process to assist MPQLA requires the completion of the IFLA Europe Application Form which you can download from their website or here:

IFLA Europe MPQLA Form

This form fulfils a dual function:

Firstly, it records the process of migration between two IFLA Europe recognised associations and identifies any problems. Secondly, alongside the ILI Viva Voce Form, it acts as an application to the ILI and it certifies the candidates academic and professional status.

Upon completing the form and following procedures:

i. overseas applicants can either become a member of the Irish Landscape Institute from another IFLA Europe association


ii.  an ILI member can become a member of an overseas IFLA Europe association.

IFLA EUROPE MPQLA FORM continued | there are 4 stages in the MPQLA process

STAGE 1| Complete the IFLA Europe MPQLA Form and submit to the Association where the candidate is a member.

The Association then confirms the candidate’s academic qualifications and professional status. The candidate must be in good standing with the association in order for their application to be approved. Note: If the candidate is not a member of the Association in the country where they are/were resident and practising, they may need to join to obtain this verification. The form is returned to the candidate by their current Association.

STAGE 2 | Submit a copy of this form to IFLA Europe Secretariat by email to: [email protected]

IFLA EU will register the application and provide a registration number to the applicant who will then add this registration number to their form and send it to the Association in the country where they wish to migrate and practice.

STAGE 3 | Submit the form with the IFLA EU registration number to the new Association who then complete their approval process.

The new Association determines the class of membership, and notes other prerequisites (CPD – continuing professional development, membership fees, professional indemnity insurance) and, if the presentation of a portfolio, an adaptation period under supervised practice, or if submission to a professional practice examination, is required. The Association may also wish to state any limitations or privileges relating to the class of membership.

STAGE 4 | The form is returned to the candidate with a copy to IFLA EUROPE. This completes the process.

Guidance on MPQLA to help IFLA member applicants migrate between associations based on EU legislation and IFLA EUROPE regulations is as follows:

IFLA Europe Regulation: Article 8.10 National or multi-national professional associations who wish to become Effective members of IFLA Europe shall accept applications for membership from graduates of all landscape architecture programmes in the countries of the European Union and the Council of Europe (specifically programmes recognised by IFLA Europe), subject to whatever additional professional practice requirements may be suggested or recommended by the specific association.

IFLA Europe Regulation: Article 8.10 outlines issues of movement between associations within Europe, it does not clarify movement of professionals from or to an IFLA Association that is not in IFLA Europe. The Irish Landscape Institute will apply IFLA Europe procedures in cases where applicants wish to migrate from members of IFLA Associations outside of Europe.

If you find that this method of joining the Irish Landscape Institute does not apply to your circumstances, you might consider sitting the ILI Professional Practice Exam. 


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